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Closed Circuit Television

Over the past few years CCTV has played a major part in the battle against theft, violence and anti-social behaviour. It also acts as a visual deterrent and archived recording has proved to be useful to the police in the event of a crime taking place.

Nova Alarms offer a wide range of CCTV surveillance options which include digital video recording, simultaneous recording of all cameras and integrating CCTV into intruder alarm and access control systems.

The installation of CCTV systems has now become a major part of our business and we are able to offer solutions for all types of applications including car parks, shops, hotels and public houses.

We also have the expertise to design a CCTV system to suit the requirements of each particular application. No two sites are the same and it is imperative that the correct equipment is used to maximise the quality of recorded information. This means that the correct cameras and lenses are installed to suit the area being viewed.

Guide To Equipment Terminology

Digital Video Recorder

This device stores the images of everyone who passes the viewing area of each camera. Depending on the memory capacity the recorder can store up to one month of recorded information before recording over the oldest data. Our digital video recorders have a built in CD burner to enable incidents to be recorded directly to a CD for authorities to review remotely.

Colour cameras

Usually installed internally, these cameras offer better clarity and ease of identification.

Monochrome cameras

Usually used where lighting is below average. These cameras work down to low light levels and are ideal for internal or external use. Where light levels are extremely low, infra red support lighting can be installed to work in conjunction with the cameras.

Colour/monochrome cameras

These high performance cameras are designed to record in colour whilst lighting is adequate and monochrome during darker periods. Infra red support lighting can also be installed to work in conjunction with the cameras.


Using total flat screen, liquid crystal display technology, our range of monitors provide clear pictures in both colour and monochrome. Up to sixteen cameras can be viewed simultaneously depending on the size of monitor used.

Remote monitoring

Our camera systems can be linked to our alarm receiving centre via a standard ISDN telephone line or can be viewed from remote sites by using broadband internet technology.

Data Protection Act

Most installations designed to combat crime must meet the requirements of this act if recording equipment is used. This applies to commercial and public systems but not to a private residential system. This includes warning signs etc. For further information on registration visit www.ico.gov.uk or telephone 01625 545700. To register you will need to pay a fee of £35.

Professional Service

Should you require a quotation for one of our systems simply contact us and at a time convenient to you one of our designers will visit your premises to discuss your concerns. He will then design a system built to suit your requirements which will meet all relevant standards. Once you have decided to proceed, our fully qualified engineers will install your system with the minimum of disruption to your home or business premises.